Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo

In Let it Burn (Deixa Arder), bearbeiten Marcela Levi and Lucía Russo das Thema Identität indem sie ein diffuses Geflecht schaffen aus Referenzen an Musikgrössen wie: Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, Valeska Gert, Josephine Baker, Woody Woodpecker, Macunaima, Great Othello, Jorge Ben Jor, Mc Carol.
Aus nächster Nähe erlebt der Zuschauer wie die Performerin Tamires Costa zu Funk, Jazz und Pop einen burlesken und grotesken Tanz darbietet. In diesem „besessenen Tanzsolo“ wird geplündert und angehäuft, gestört und erschüttert. Let it burn – Lass es brennen!  

In Let it Burn (Deixa Arder), Marcela Levi and Lucía Russo approach identity in a manner of stacking, in a complex and at the same time in a vertiginous way, remixing Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Nina Simone, Michael Jackson, Valeska Gert, Josephine Baker, Woody Woodpecker, Macunaima, Great Othello, Jorge Ben Jor, Mc Carol.
In a relationship of extreme closeness to the spectators, the performer, Tamires Costa, dances to the sound of funk, jazz and pop. The burlesque and grotesque body. To invade, to plunder, to pile up and to upset are the verbs that revolve this "haunted dance solo". Let it burn! Let the "I" burn! 

In 2010, when they founded Improvável Produções, Marcela Levi and Lucía Russo committed themselves to a shared-authorship project, a form of artistic direction based on the open concept of different inventive positions intertwining in a process that gathers together lines that deviate from one another: dissent and internal differences seen as constructive critical force rather than contradictory, self-exclusive polarities. Their projects have been presented in various festivals and art centers in Latin America and Europe.

Levi studied at the Angel Vianna Dance School in Rio de Janeiro, has been a resident artist at Les Recollets Art Center in France, at Azala in Spain, guest artist at the London Cultural Olympiad and recipient of the Batiscafo scholarship in Cuba. She collaborated with Lia Rodrigues, Vera Mantero and Guillermo Gomez-Peña, among others.

Russo studied at the University of Buenos Aires and at the EDDC in Holland. She coordinated the project Dialogues: Interchanging processes of creation in Latin America within the Red Sudamericana de Dança and taught at the National University of Arts (UNA) in Argentina.

Artistic direction Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo Performance Tamires Costa Co-creation Tamires Costa and Ícaro Gaya Trainees Taís Almeida and Anne Naukkarinen Sound design all team Costume design Levi & Russo Light design Catalina Fernández
Supported by Centro Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro/Secretaria Municipal de Cultura, Consulado da Argentina no Rio de Janeiro, Espaço Cultural Sitio Canto da Sabiá and Projeto Entre Distribution Something Great Production Improvável Produções
Photocollage ©Ícaro Gaya Photo ©Marcela Levi

MO 8.4. um 19.00
35 min
Tanzhaus Zürich

Tamara Cubas

Über 1500 verstreute Holzbretter bieten in „Act 2 – To Resist“ den wackligen Boden für einen einstündigen Ausnahmezustand. Die erzeugten Vibrationen der instabilen Oberfläche stärken dabei den rauschhaften Widerstand der fünf Tänzer*innen. Sie versinnbildlichen eine neue Form des Zusammenlebens, befreit von übergeordneten Autoritäten.
”To Resist”" ist der mittlere Teil von Tamara Cubas’ Anthropophagie-Trilogie, in der sie drei choreografische Werke aus Brasilien, dem Ursprungsland der kulturellen Anthropophagie-Bewegung, die in den 1920er-Jahren als Antwort auf die europäische Dominanzkultur gegründet wurde, verarbeitet. To Resist versteht sich als ein Akt des Widerstands gegen die Kommerzialisierung unserer Gefühle und Körper, aber auch gegen die Institutionalisierung und Hierarchisierung menschlicher Beziehungen.

Over 1,500 scattered planks of wood in “Act 2 – To Resist” provide the shaky ground for a one-hour state of emergency. The vibrations generated by the unstable surface reinforce the trance-like resistance displayed by the five dancers. They symbolise a new form of living together, liberated from superordinate authorities.
”To Resist” is the middle part of Tamara Cubas’ Anthropophagic Trilogy, which examines three choreographic works from Brazil, the origin of the cultural anthropophagic movement established in the 1920s in answer to the European culture of dominance. To Resist is intended as an act of resistance against the commercialisation of our emotions and bodies but also against the institutionalisation and hierarchisation of human relationships.

Tamara Cubas (b. 1972 in Montevideo) lived in political exile with her parents in Havana until the age of 13 before returning to her native Uruguay. The dichotomy between the individual and the collective, concepts of power and institution, decolonisation and all kinds of social and political organisation are just a few examples of the subjects Tamara Cubas tackles in her choreographic and visual projects.

Directed by Tamara Cubas Light and sound design Leticia Skrycky Performers Santiago Turenne, Alina Ruiz Folini, Mariana Marchesano, Tamara Gómez, Bruno Brandolino Based on Matadouro by Marcelo Evelin Production Perro Rabioso Distribution Key Performance Technician Santiago Tricot Textquellen Deutsch Tanzquartier Wien
Photo ©Nacho Correa

MO 8.4. um 20.00
60 min
Tanzhaus Zürich

Soya the cow

MO 8.4. um 21.30
Tanzhaus Zürich

“Dairyfree? Is this how you want me to be?” – Soya ist die erste Drag Kuh der Welt und sie hat was zu sagen. Für ihr Debüt in Zürich kombiniert Soya einige ihrer Songs mit spoken words und bovine eleganza. Sie nimmt Dich mit auf eine Reise von ihren Erfahrungen in der Hölle (auf Erden) bis zu einem utopischen Traum von speziesübergreifendem Frieden und Harmonie. Wie würde unser Leben aussehen, wenn wir damit aufhörten, uns gegenseitig in Stücke zu schneiden? Soya wird ihren Hintern und an Deinem Weltbild rütteln – bis jeder Nippel frei ist.

“Dairyfree? Is this how you want me to be?” – Soya is the world’s first drag cow and she has something to say. For her debut in Zurich, Soya combines some of her songs with spoken words and bovine eleganza. She takes you on a journey from her experiences in hell (on earth) to a utopian dream of interspecies peace and harmony. What would life be like, if we stopped chopping each other into pieces? Get ready to see her shake her ass and your worldview – until every nipple is free.

Soya is a gender- and species-bending drag cow. She unites queerfeminist ideas with animal rights activism, high fashion and poetry. Since her debut at the Animal Rights March in front of the legendary Volksbühne Berlin, she appeared in discussion forums and protests. She gives workshops about consent, and performs on stages of theatres and nightclubs, as well as in public space. At the moment she’s also working on her first music album.

Concept, Texts, Composition & Performance Soya the cow Costume, Hair & Make-up Valerie Reding Mask & Udders Nagi Gianni Music Production Phil Constantin Production Management Lisa Letnansky
Photo ©Maya Rochat