Julian Weber
The Internet Does Not Exist


Julian Weber
The Internet Does Not Exist

The work uses the constant pressure of inovation, which todays internet-based population is exposed to, as an engine for generating analog physical energy. Algorithms and movement behaviours extracted from the world wide web are translated into a voluminous dance approach. In collaboration with musician Olga Nosova, while searching for physical experience in medial disembodiment, Julian Weber uncovers neurotic mechanisms of digital consumption, dissecting and translating them into a performative reality. This reality manifests in a gloomy black and white playground and addresses questions around the distinction between the virtual and non-virtual world – the internet does not exist.

Julian Weber is a choreographer/dancer and visual artist. He studied at HBK Brunswick, Academy of Arts Vienna, HZT Berlin and the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. He works intensively on spaces of interaction involving body, material and movement. He collaborates with artists such as Meg Stuart, Boris Charmatz and Tino Sehgal and creates his own work at the intersection of visual and performance art. With his work the tourist he won the Berlin Art Prize 2015.

Choreography, Dance Julian Weber Music, Performance Olga Nosova Outside Eye Antonia Steffens
Costume Nam Nguyen

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Tanzfabrik Berlin und durch apap - advancing performing arts project - Performing Europe 2020, Creative Europe


March 20, 19.30h

@ Tanzhaus Zürich
Wasserwerkstrasse 129, 8037 Zürich

Photo: Antonia Steffens