Jen Rosenblit,
Geo Wyeth

Swivel Spot


Jen Rosenblit, Geo Wyeth

Swivel Spot

Piles of crushed peanuts shells, shaved grass, a grim reaper and an imaginary bull fight all inside the constant maintenance of a plastic covered space. Swivel Spot is concerned with preservation. It is clear that something is gone, haunting the area are the remains, a skeleton of logic from something that no longer applies. Still, these things don’t just go away. We hover in this spot, an area likened to a dump, a graveyard for parts or a recycling shed. Each encounter offers what feels monumental without reason; a leaking, a cracking open, momentary ramming, a passageway as if with the right amount of petting, we might arrive in that afterlife or submit to that underworld. We are three because two would be too few and together, we separately approach aloneness.

Jen Rosenblit makes performance in New York City and Berlin concerned with bodies, architectures and ideas while troubling desires for togetherness. Rosenblit has received commissions from The Kitchen, New York Live Arts, Danspace Project, Issue Project Room, The Chocolate Factory and The Invisible Dog Art Center. Rosenblit’s recent works have lead her on an inquiry toward the uncanny and maintenance of care. Rosenblit currently collaborates with Simone Aughterlony. Roseblit’s new solo work, Stand In, is a coproduction of Sophiensaele (DE) and Chocolate Factory (NYC).

Concept Jen Rosenblit Performance and Creation Jen Rosenblit and Geo Wyeth Sound Geo Wyeth Lighting Nica Ross Dramaturgy Joshua Lubin-Levy Production and Performance Support Alexia Welch Multipurpose Tool and Podium, Fabrication Abigail Lloyd Jacket Quinn Czejkowski Lighting Assistant Andrew Hunt Management, Producer Alexandra Rosenberg



March 19, 19h (60mins)
Tanzhaus Zürich


Photos: Paula Court