Anti Status Quo Companhia de Dança
De Carne E Concreto


Anti Status Quo Companhia De Dança

De Carne E Concreto

Of Flesh And Concrete – A Choreographic Installation is an invitation to become fully immersed and actively participate in an experience that inquires the human condition from the perspective of the body. At the boundary of contemporary dance, performance art, visual arts and social experiment, the work of Anti Status Quo Dance Company from Brasilia, Brazil, raises questions about living in society at large urban centers, and how our current economic system shapes our behavior.

Group Anti Status Quo Companhia de Dança Artisitic Director, choreography and concept Luciana Lara  Research and creation Luciana Lara in collaboration with dancers and invited artists  Dance Camilla Nyarady, Cristhian Cantarino, Déborah Alessandra, João Lima, Luciana Matias, Marcia Regina, Raoni Carricondo e Roberto Dagô Research and creation collaborators Camilla Nyarady, Carolina Carret Cristhian Cantarino João Lim; Luara Learth Raoni Carricondo Robson Castro, Vinícius Santana Invited artists Marcelo Evelin Gustavo Ciríaco, Denise Stutz Costumes and masks Luciana Lara and dancers Lighting design consultants James Fensterseifer, Marcelo Augusto Brazilian Production Marconi Valadares International Production Anna Ladeira


March 23, 18.30h (135mins)
Kanonegasse 20, 8004 Zurich


Photos: Mila Petrillo