Annina Machaz
The Nonverbal Journal – Finissage


Annina Machaz
The Nonverbal Journal – Finissage

The bloodthirsty small-scale works were created by an artist who imagines such things but could never put them into action. The colorful felt-tip drawings do not adhere to any perspectives or correctness, seeming almost naïve, and often resemble children's drawings.

The violent doodles were never intended for an exhibition - rather as private fantasies of vengeance and humorous payback on the people who have carelessly trampled on the soul of the protagonist in the course of their short life.

Annina Machaz born in Zürich. Gymnasium. Bachelors in Drama, Masters in Scenic Arts Practice - University of the Arts Bern.
Awards: Most Promising Actor Migros Kulturprozent, „Best Actors Award“ ACT Festival Bilbao, PREMIO-Award for Young Talent.
Own work: „Follow us“, the future is now’, ’Ask the Oracle’
Selected Work: ’Emil und die Detektive’ Schauspielhaus Zürich. Performances „the Favor“ and ‚Festʼ mit Ivo Dimchev. ’body&freedom’ mit Lange, Holzinger, Riebeek, Scheiwiller. ’Peter Pan’ mit Ann-Liv Young. ’Fallen’ mit Johannes Mager. Calamity Jane in ’Appollon’ from Florentina Holzinger, et al.


March 23, 21h

@ Houdini Bar
Badenerstrasse 173, 8004 Zurich

Programm Finissage
starting 9pm until 1am
Tattoos by Nils Amadeus Lange
Hosted by Evalyn Eatdith
Live Act by PRICE
Music by DJ Jewl

Opening hours exhibition
March 19-23 / 11–24h


Pictures: Annina Machaz