Kuan-Ling Tsai
Moving in Drawing


Kuan-Ling Tsai

Moving In Drawing

Moving In Drawing is a work in the format of a live performance and an exhibition. I believe all forms of art works are, at the end, the reflection of human behaviour and our beings.

The performance of Moving In Drawing is concentrating on the body and the being of the body itself by reflecting the question, how the society and the surroundings shape our body and affect our movements. The exhibition is about the remaining of the performance which represent the first-hand documentation of the performer's work. I draw from time to time. Often when I look at  drawings by other artists, I see movements behind the drawings. Some years ago, I began using drawing to document my own movement paths and using it as a method of creating process. At some point I started to involve my whole body into the process of making drawings.


March 19, 18.30h (20mins)
Tanzhaus Zürich


Photos: Marcel Sauder, Terry Lin